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C27200 Brass Coil Features

C27200 brass coil is a high-strength, high-rigidity copper alloy material that is widely used in the manufacturing of electronics, electrical appliances, constr...

First of all, C27200 brass coil has high strength characteristics. Compared with other copper alloy materials, C27200 brass coil has higher yield strength and tensile strength. This is due to its high zinc content alloy composition, which makes it easier to control the deformation and grain boundary movement of the copper alloy during the manufacturing process, thereby significantly improving its mechanical strength.

Secondly, C27200 brass coil also has the characteristics of high rigidity. High rigidity refers to the material's ability to resist deformation and fracture, and is also an important indicator of its service life. Due to its high zinc content and high hardness, C27200 brass coil has very high rigidity and can meet various harsh working conditions. Therefore, it is widely used in manufacturing high-load, high-speed mechanical parts.

In addition, C27200 brass coil is also widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, construction and other fields. In the electronics field, C27200 brass coil is used to manufacture conductive joints, electronic components, etc. In the electrical field, C27200 brass coil material is used to manufacture electrical connectors, relays, terminal blocks, etc. In the construction field, C27200 brass coil is used to manufacture decorative materials, building hardware, etc.

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